Indeed, has Paul Really Said?

Conclusion: A Tale of Two Contests

The debates and contests between the major schools of Hillel and Shammai reveal much about the superstition, ignorance, and biblical illiteracy of many of the religious leaders of the day. It also reveals the historic temptation of all generations to embrace the forbidden fruit of human reasoning above God's revelation. Christ's repeated rebukes against the Pharisees' devotion to manmade tradition reveals this historic problem, and when one delves into the ancient records of these rabbinical contests, it becomes evident how these religious leaders were experts at nullifying God's commandments.

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

Thus, in the conclusion of this book, we explore a very fascinating conflict between the two major schools of the Pharisaical tradition. This historic contest reveals, once again, the disparity between the Apostle Paul and the Pharisaic tradition of his past. Ultimately, Paul's example of embracing Christ alone is a precious model for any child of God.